HDD Regenerator




Detect and repair physical bad sectors on an HDD


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The HDD is oone of the most important parts of a computer, and its good state is essential if we want our computer to work properly.

If our HDD is old, it might not be on its best moment and it may lead your computer to malfunction and small errors that can become mmore and more usual with time.

If you want to get rid of these problems, you should try HDD Regenerator, a lite application that will detect and repair physical bad sectors (magnetic errors) on a hard disk surface.

It doesn't matter the file system because HDD Regenerator scans disk at physical level. It can be used with FAT, NTFS or any other file system, and also with unformatted or unpartitioned disks, so you'll have no problems.

The trial version only repairs the first bad sector found.

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